Proudly, we responsibly produce ALL of our garments without neglecting the importance of ethics within the apparel industry. When customers receive our garments, they can be assured that what they will wear, has been hand sewn in a safe, secure, comfortable studio by a seamstress whom has dictated their own wage during standard working hours within the European Union.

We work with exceptionally skilled seamstresses and pattern makers which shows within the quality of our garments. The lead time we state at time of order is reflective towards both quality and the fairness within our working conditions. Quality takes time! Some of the worst labour abuses in the industry occur in unauthorized subcontracted sites, farthest from any kind of scrutiny or accountability. We do not outsource to unauthorized subcontractors. In the event of overflow work and to keep within dates provided to our customers, we incorporate the inclusion of working with other cutting studios within the immediate proximity of us that share the same values and mandates as us.

There is simply no excuse to exploit others in pursuit of profit. Responsibly priced goods can create fairness within its supply and production history for all involved and still produce a profit. If you purchase wear once garments, the chances are, there is a cost greater than it's value within it's origin! Our fabrics and finishings are sourced from collections within the European Union. We prefer to work with heritage mills from Italy, France and Spain who have reassuring standards of excellence in their production and the quality within their final product.

We continually strive to improve our carbon footprint by revising our methods. Our model to not over buy materials and only make garments on demand as opposed to producing excess stock, ensures we use 100% off materials we order. Scraps and cuttings are also set a side to be collected by fabric recyclers and larger pieces or sampling not used, is freely distributed to NGO's within the borough whom use such materials in their craft programmes assisting members of the community with learning disadvantages. We now ship our garments in 100% biodegradable packaging. We are open to progressive initiatives that cam create positive improvements.