Marmalade-shop by Magdalena Sokolowska (MsMs). Magdalena (Born 1977) is a Polish Canadian fashion designer who launched her first collection of clothing under the name of Marmalade in 2001, after completing her studies in business in the United Kingdom and returning to Canada to open a boutique of the same name in Toronto’s Kensington market.

In 2007, Magdalena returned to Europe to firmly establish the brand Marmalade-shop as a label synonymous with vintage aesthetics and traditional European craftsmanship. Operating in an artisan studio in Krakow Poland, the preference to maintain small production across all three labels allows for the made on-demand business model to produce exceptional quality garments, tailored to the liking of the client by a close-knit staff of chosen skilled seamstresses and veteran pattern makers. Magdalena divides her time between Europe and North America allowing for her to personally oversee all sampling and first run of production with a hands-on approach onsite. A commitment to high quality, uniquely cool and reassuringly fair-trade garments is the bedrock mandate for an independent brand now in its twentieth year. All fabrics and finishings used are sourced from heritage European Union mills that cater to the luxury consumer.