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Across all the Marmalade-shop labels, we are delighted to offer our clients a bespoke service. If, like most of us, you don't conform to the fashion industry's ideal in terms of height and body shape, then bespoke provides clients with a way of dressing that means they are confident they have the most flattering garments in their choice of fabrics, with exactly the neckline, hem length, sleeve shape etc. that they like. We all relate to off the peg purchases where we find for example, sleeves always too short, and things just not sitting right because they are made to a standard cut, and no woman is the same shape.

At the time of order, next to the standard sizing options, we offer the bespoke option. A comprehensive confidential form detailing an individual’s sizing is submitted at the time of order. We will work with you to ensure that measurements are taken accurately and discuss a fit to your liking, editing the design to your personal requirements. By request, we can leave a lot of inlay (excess fabric) in our bespoke pieces, meaning you can let garments out by up to four inches if you change shape or want to adapt the silhouette slightly.

As this service requires our consultation, and discussion with our senior seamstresses, as well as pattern development, we apply a small service fee of $20 charged at the time of placing a bespoke order.  We can even source alternative fabrics by request if our current colour selection does not fit your envision.

Bespoke orders are strictly non-refundable and can only be amended by our seamstresses on the rare occasion, a fit is not to your liking. We have secured a second to none reputation for our attentiveness in working with clients opting for this service and our inundated with applause by our clients.


Important information.
When providing measurements, it is important to take measurements as instructed. If you require assistance, please ask. Having professional measurements taken is advised. We do not refund on tailored garments and for any alterations we undertake, the customer incurs the cost of shipping. Please measure twice as we can only cut once.
Thank you.



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